For Hotel Managers, Owners and Investors

Are you considering membership of Yagano hotel collection?

Hotels who would like to join our member community should realise,

membership comes with responsibilities along with all advantages.

It’s therefor only carefully selected hotels will be approved for partnership.

Each member hotel is selected carefully to ensure the quality standards

our guest are looking for will be met.


Whenever we choose a member, we look for the X- factor, the combination

of hospitality, the concept, the standards, the location and the team behind

the hotel.

After all, the combination of all elements will ensure the partnership is

embedded in most fruitful soil and based on the same standards.

To apply, please provide us with a detailed explanation of your hospitality

concept and expectations as well as any supporting visual materials.

Benefits of being a member of  Yagano hotel collection

As a member of Yagano hotel collection you profit from the knowledge

of decades of hospitality expertise of each member of senior management. 

You will obtain exposure through various countries in Europe by becoming

part of the brand that stands for genuine, exceptional and original hospitality


Our sales and distribution channels connect you to consumers efficiently

in a way most likely you couldn’t reach while operating on your own.

Our strong relationship to travel professionals and the industry’s most advanced

distribution technology will result in efficient global distribution to

maximize your booking potential and increase your performance.

A dedicated team will support and assist you in strategic decisions

throughout your membership. As soon as all on boarding processes

are fulfilled you will realize to be part of a family of like-minded hoteliers

striving to be unique in its approach towards members and guests.

By connecting you with the modern media you will increase your reach and

visibility in markets not being represented before.

A membership with Yagano hotel collection will not only give you a wide brand

recognition,support your marketing power, increase the number of bookings

and boost your profitability in the long-run; it will also help you to achieve the

best possible return on your investment.

Please make sure to complete the form hereafter and send it to us.

We will contact you shortly after to discuss a possible cooperation.